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  • Jeremy Hodgkiss

Quality Street anyone ???

When we launched Deans Recruitment in October 2019, we did so because we felt that the financial recruitment market needed a company that would deliver an extremely personal, professional and trustworthy recruitment service to benefit both employees and employers alike.

Just over a year later and like all companies, we now take stock on how we have progressed so far….and being the festive period, it’s a case of not only looking back, but forwards to - in an ever-changing financial environment and world.

We started out by focusing on pushing against stereotypes and preconceived ideas about the financial sector - and those are still our core goals. Our work is about people as much as it is about finances, and that is the mantra that we share with our parent company, Deans Accountants. It’s ironic that we are writing this at a time when many will be opening the Quality Street - because quality underpins everything we do at Deans Recruitment

At Deans, we look to provide quality candidates for quality companies, putting both the employee and employer at the heart of what we do. It’s quality financial matchmaking in a way, but done so using traditional values such as professionalism, knowledge and dedication, allied to new technologies and techniques. But with people at the heart of everything, not numbers.

Perhaps that is why our first year has been so successful - placing a plethora of quality with quality, time after time? That is why the reputation that Deans Accountants has had for over a century has now quickly spread over into Deans Recruitment. We don’t cut corners and we don’t settle for second best - so why should our clients and candidates?

It will soon be January 2021. I’m sure most people will be very glad to see the back of 2020, and hope that 2021 brings with it fresh optimism and an end to the nightmare that so many people have been going through. And while the world of finance and accountancy might not be at the top of everyone’s thoughts - and rightly so - the world of work, business, and finance has to continue.

And hopefully, that’s where we can help a little….

Any new year often sees resolutions being made, but rarely adhered to. But we know that more and more people at this time of year, and especially after the times we have been going through, make decisions on their careers or plan strategically for their company when it comes to staffing. If you are involved in finance or accountancy in some capacity, we would love you to contact us to discuss how Deans Recruitment can help you.

Why contact us? Because we are the experienced, expert, personable financial recruitment specialists.

So, if you are you an outstanding finance or accountancy employee looking for a new opportunity, challenge, progression or the perfect job - or perhaps you are an existing accountancy firm or a general company or organisation searching for outstanding financial professionals to join your organisation - please get in touch or come and see us.

Everyone at Deans Recruitment wishes you a very merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy 2021.

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